Kassem Amoudi      Abstract Painter

My Abstractions are a continual adventure in the search for beauty, which lies beyond form and beyond nature. Beuty in its original form.

The balance in my paintings lies between the positive and the negative, the dynamic and the static. The action and the stillness. Both the talker and the listener are equally important and needed for progress.

I work on many paintings at the same time. Two or Three in process on the walls of my studio, and many more standing by the walls waiting for their turn.

Each of my paintings has a story and a history of
its own. I treat them as beings that have there own lives, feelings,
and needs. Sometimes some of them don’t want to be touched and sometimes they do, and there is always one or two who are very demanding and want more attention. I listen, respond, interact and allow them to be what they want to be.

This is why painting for me is a continuous adventure and discovery. The detachment of forms and the contemplation of colors, allows me not to force myself or my ideas on the canvas. If I find a shape or a form I see it only as a vehicle and never a destination. My destination is something beyond form or shape. It is the abstracted beauty which lies between the source and its
reflection on the mirror of reality.